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Services Available

  • Personal, Confidential Counseling

    Theresa Cooke, provides a comfortable and confidential environment for individuals and families seeking counseling for a variety of reasons. My counseling program is designed to fit the needs of the community and the needs of the referred client. Read More

  • Healing Hearts Progam

    Participating in a professional program such as "Healing Hearts" can help you and your family to heal the wounds of divorce, resolve conflicts, improve communication, and help you to move forward in your life and to focus on being a healthy, effective and functioning parent to your children. Let me help you! Read More

  • Parenting Coordination Services

    More than one million children each year are affected by divorce and family separation. Over half of these children will continue to be effected by the conflict of their parents. Many of these broken families will remain in the court system due to their inability to resolve their conflicts successfully. Children raised in an atmosphere of high conflict are four to five times as likely to grow-up with serious emotional and behavioral difficulties. Let me help you re-build your parent-child relationship. Read More